Edulateral Foundation − Mody University, a leading women’s university in India – Intel Unnati Labs of Excellence. Education for women in technology is essential for promoting gender equality, fostering diversity, and maximizing the potential of the industry. It empowers women, enhances their employability, and contributes […]

Edulateral Foundation with CT University

The academic journey is enriched by the guidance and wisdom of professors, management and their team who invest their time and expertise in nurturing students’ intellectual growth. It was our privilege to host CT University – Rajesh Kapoor, Nittan Arora, Aditi and Ms. Narinder Kaur at Intel, Bangalore, and engage in […]

Edulateral Foundation for the Nation

Edulateral Foundation conducted a program on digital literacy in rural regions in Karnataka to empower women towards reducing the technological divide and fostering inclusivity in the digital era. These workshops go beyond teaching technical skills; they instill confidence, foster gender equality, and stimulate economic growth. […]