Edulateral Foundation and Joy University has committed to go beyond common boundaries to build bridges between Industry and academia. The collaboration between Edulateral and Joy University represents a harmonious partnership that intertwines academic pursuit with practical application, fostering an environment where innovation thrives. This collaborative alliance serves as a catalyst for transformative breakthroughs, shaping the landscape of research, education, and economic development.

Edulateral Foundation, along with Intel software, Intel Unnati labs of Excellence and NEC Center of Excellence promotes the pursuit of experiential learning, innovation, research excellence through an array of programs, workshops, and competitions. The program focuses on innovation, to enhance employability, and promotes entrepreneurship.

EF and Joy University, harvesting mutual benefits:

1.     Knowledge Fusion.
2.     Cooperative Research Endeavors.
3.     Nurturing Future Talent.
4.     Cultivating a Culture of Innovation.
5.     Commercialization and Economic Empowerment.
6. Long term collaboration, certification every semester.

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