Edulateral Foundation − Mody University, a leading women’s university in India – Intel Unnati Labs of Excellence.

Education for women in technology is essential for promoting gender equality, fostering diversity, and maximizing the potential of the industry. It empowers women, enhances their employability, and contributes to building a more inclusive and innovative technology ecosystem.

Edulateral Foundation through Intel Labs of Excellence, Unnati has collaborated with Mody University, a leading women’s university in India, to empower girls and women in technology, Industry 4.0. Promoting women’s access to and use of technology is essential for their empowerment in the digital age. This involves bridging the digital gender divide, promoting digital literacy, and enabling women to leverage technology for education, economic opportunities, and social empowerment.

Through the labs of Excellence, the students and faculties will be trained on IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and Cybersecurity. The program focuses on Innovation, enhances Employability, and promotes Entrepreneurship for Women.

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